Sistahs With A Purpose, inc. (SWAPi)
SWAPi (Sistahs With A Purpose INC.), began in 2016, as time goes on, the organization will provide support and services annually to nearly 2,000 families with veteran assistance, lack of educational resources, literacy, housing, and employment, and address community development throughout, the Chicago Metropolitan area. Organizational assistance will be designed to support individuals and their families from birth through senior years.
SWAPi (Sistahs With A Purpose INC.) will offer support and services to veterans, for job placement and support, residential services and support, lack of educational resources, social activities, and vocational training. SWAPi (Sistahs With A Purpose INC.), will also offer information and referral services, and work to educate the community about including veterans with disabilities.  The organization will be widely recognized for its advocacy work in the Chicagoland Area, and in the State of Illinois. The organization will help to improve public policy and keep community based issues, in the hearts and minds of decision-makers, donors, and volunteers.

The organization will be the leader, in identifying needs. The organization will bring together all kinds of resources and services, for children and adults. The counties will expectantly, support full long-term community inclusion, and participation. 

Specifically, our organization:
Leads a collaboration of providers and community organizations and programs, presented to the county and surrounding areas as appropriate, with identifying needs and gaps in services.

Directly provides cutting edge, model services which meet identified gaps.  The organization may not strive to provide comprehensive services itself, as to partner with direct services, and provide the highest quality of services.
Collaborates with and offer referrals to other high quality service providers.
Leads many advocacy efforts to ensure services are provided either by the organization or to other providers. 

Facilitates financial planning to help create long-term financial security for the areas for which are disadvantaged, for which it supports.
The organization will play a leadership role in advocating at all levels of government.